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Bryco Celebrate 30 Years with Kubota

In July 2015 Bryco celebrates working closely with the Kubota Corporation for 30 years. During that time we have gone from strength to strength and now covet the prestigious Kubota Gold+ Service Dealer Award. Kubota are always planning for the future with continuous development of their industrial engine range and Bryco are proud to be [...]

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Yanmar Smart Assist Engine Diagnostics

Bryco are pleased to advise they now offer full Yanmar diagnostic assistance to all Yanmar electronic tier 4 engines. The Smart Assist Diagnostics system is the very latest in engine technology and allows the engineer to simply connect a laptop to your engine and get a full report of its condition.

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Bryco Install Kubota Power Generator to Youth Bus

Blaby District Council in Leicestershire have launched a mobile youth bus called BB19 with facilities so that the Youth Workers can work with young people anywhere with or without a youth centre nearby. The mobility of the team means that it can respond easily to reports of anti-social behaviour and aims to work in remote [...]

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Kohler Update The Successful 15LD 440

As part of our continuous improvement here at Kohler Engines; we are happy to announce the development and enhancement of our currently successful engine the 15LD 440. The new upgraded Kohler KD15-440 boasts an array of advanced features including and not limited to: Enhanced air filter with improved filter cartridge (best in class performance) Integrated [...]

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Kubota Diag Master

Bryco staff are now fully trained in Kubota's Diag Master digital analysis system. This system connects a laptop to your engine and fully interrogates the engines status allowing for a complete diagnosis and fast service times.

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Hatz Launch New 4H50TIC

Since beginning of 2014 a new engine family extends the Hatz product portfolio: The H-series. Starting with the 4H50TIC water-cooled 4-cylinder model, Hatz is relying on common-rail technology, turbocharger and external exhaust gas recirculation with the new generation. Hatz followed a ground-breaking downsizing approach, making the engine the most compact and lightweight in its class. [...]

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Kubota Quality Oils

GET THE BEST FROM YOUR KUBOTA - USE KUBOTA GENUINE PARTS                     Kubota Lubricants Use Kubota genuine lubricants for your service needs: Engine oil Gear oil Super UDT hydraulic fluid UDT hydraulic fluid         Engine Oil Filters Kubota genuine oil filters are designed [...]

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Kohler Launch KDI

In the biggest development in the company’s history, Kohler Engines is launching a new range of 1.9 and 2.5 L Tier 4 final diesel engines. The new KDI engines expand the size and power density of Kohler’s diesel engine offering and integrate a range of heavy-duty diesel technologies including high pressure, electronically controlled common rail [...]

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Kubota Gold+ Dealer

For the sixth consecutive year Bryco are pleased to announce we have not only won the coveted Kubota Gold Service Dealer Award but the highest Kubota+ Status. Out of 100’s of dealers selling Kubota products the Gold+ Service Dealer is only awarded to a very select few offering the highest level of service. Bryco is [...]

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Sorry No Cheques

Please be advised that we no longer accept cheques unless on approved credit accounts. No goods will be released to customers unless paid in full prior to delivery / collection

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